THAT WAS THEN …THIS IS NOW is a new and innovative Online Music Show. Featuring huge acts of the last sixty years with exclusive live studio performances filmed in the highest visual and audio quality and introduced by broadcasting legend Mike Read & Sky TV’s Hayley Palmer.


THAT WAS THEN … THIS IS NOW will be available for streaming from 7pm on Thursday nights from 5th November for 5 weeks. Yes that’s right, the old Top Of The Pops slot, and can be viewed as a paid online stream. Tickets available Now! Please note that ticket buyers can watch an Edition anytime after that Edition goes live. Ticket links will expire 7 days after the purchaser’s first viewing experience.


THAT WAS THEN … THIS IS NOW was devised in the wake of the current Covid-19 crisis which has seen all live music events cancelled leaving some of our most respected music artists unable to perform. The government has not been able to offer sustained support so the team are committed to sharing all profits generated from the streaming of the show with the artists.


The objective is to create a model moving forward that will provide a viable business model for artists as we face the uncertain future of the music industry.