Message from Chesney on the Album for Kiersty Rouge.

A project that involves Fiona is an album I produced for a wonderful artist called Kiersty Rouge. Let me go back to the beginning of my relationship with Kiki (As my family knows her) We met around 6 years ago when my family and I first moved to Los Angeles. She was a beautiful young aspiring singer songwriter from San Diego. We hit it off personally and artistically and we started making music together. She then started babysitting my kids and eventually became very much part of the Hawkes family. As she put it, we were her LA family. My kids dubbed her, ’Best Babysitter ever’. Going back to her family, Kiki’s older brother, Drake was first diagnosed with cancer at the age of 17. He beat it and was again diagnosed in his late teens. He beat it again. Kiki was very close to her big brother and every time Drake was suffering with his fight, Kiki found it extremely difficult to deal with the potential loss of her brother which affected her mental health. They were very symbiotic in that way. The last time Drake’s cancer came back, the prognosis was very different. Kiki was devastated and found it too overwhelming. She was eventually diagnosed as Bi Polar and around Christmas 2016, Kiki took her life. Drake never knew about his sister’s death and passed away two weeks later. Of course, this left a huge whole in all of our lives and hearts. Since then, we as a family have become very close to Kiersty and Drake’s parents. I made it my mission to finish the album Kiki and I started together and I am proud to say the record is now available to download here or to buy on vinyl here. Drake and Kiersty’s parents set up a charity in their name called ‘Ripples of Change’, and all the profits from the sales of Kiersty’s album will go directly to the charity, which seeks to provide emotional, therapeutic and educational support for underserved young adult cancer patients and their siblings. 

Kiersty Rouge – Album