Hello Lovely People

In celebration of my 21st birthday 😳 today, we (I say we, when I actually mean the lovely Fiona at FJ Designs) has put together what can only be described as our Autumn collection. New T-Shirts, Hoodies, Coasters, Tote bags, mugs you name it. At the very same time, she has managed a glorious refresh of the website. I am very lucky to have her and am very grateful for her talent and friendship. Thank you, also to the very talented Kate Carpenter, who is the master behind the new images on the website and to Kate Hunter and Peter Alvey who also contributed images. 


As usual, months have elapsed since my last email so I should have a lot say shouldn’t I! Well, here goes…It’s been a very full on, emotional and rewarding summer for me. Playing Jesus in Godspell this June was amazing, especially as I had my son n heir, Casey on stage with me.

I’d like to thank everyone at the Brentwood Centre and everyone involved in the production for their love and care in creating a truly unforgettable show. It really was a wonderful, if not formidable experience. 

I’ve put myself through some demanding escapades throughout my career (Ten meter High Diving and Waterski Jumping in the games, Green sequined lycra in Dancing on Ice, Sumo Wrestling Craig Charles to name a few but Godspell leapfrogged all of them as my most challenging role so far. Challenging and scary, like facing a mountain, but isn’t this what we should be looking for in life? Experiences that will take us out of our comfort zone to help us grow as humans. 

Having been in this space on many occasions, I have to say, through experience, that once you are through to the other side, so to speak, you can look back and be proud and amazed by your own bravery.

I know that anytime I have pushed myself past my supposed niche, I learned a little bit more about myself. It really is amazing what we can achieve when we just put one foot in front of the other and surge forward. Having said all that, I was definitely ready to put Jesus aside for the rest of the summer, which I spent with my gorgeous family back at home in LA just being Dad & Hubby #Heaven

Now that summer is waining, I am back working on a new album, hopefully to be released early 2020, which I am SO excited to share with you. I’m also still chipping away at my musical, which we also hope to premier in 2020. And, as ever there are lots of gigs to keep me busy.

Thank you all so much for your support and love. I’ll be back to check up on you before Christmas.
Ches x