Credits - Songwriting & Production

Here’s a few audio & video clips of songs I’ve written with other artist…

Hepburn “Next Life” – on the album ‘Hepburn’ (1999) ‘
(YouTube) Next Life 

Bobby Bare Jr – ‘Shine’ & ‘You Never Knew (I Lied)’ on ‘Brainwasher’ (2000)
(YouTube) You Never Knew (I Lied)

Caprice – ‘Once Around the Sun’ Single (2000)
(YouTube) Once Around The Sun

Tricky – “Mission Accomplished” EP (2000)
(YouTube) Mission Accomplished

A1 – “High and Dry” B-side to ‘Make it Good’ (2002)
(YouTube) High & Dry

A1 – ‘Isn’t it Cheap’ & ‘Let it Out’ On the album ‘Make it good’ (2002)


(YouTube) Isn’t it Cheap & Let it Out

Jamie Benson – ‘Heroin’ & ‘On Your Shore’ from ‘My Confession’ (2002)

Triple Eight (888) – ‘Take Me Home’ B-side (2002)

Nik Kershaw – ‘Jane Doe’ on the album ‘To Be Frank’ (2005)
(YouTube) Jane Doe

Nik Kershaw – ‘Lost in You’ on the album ‘To Be Frank’ (2005)
(YouTube) Lost in Love

Debra Stevenson – ‘Cool Cool Water’ From ‘In the Sunshine’ (2005)

Sergy Lazarev – ‘Beautiful’ On the album ‘Don’t be Fake’ (2006)
(YouTube) Beautiful

Alexander Klauss – ‘Light of Day’ (2006)

Robin Henderson – ‘Beautiful’ (2006)

Lexus – ‘Summon the Hero’ and ‘Karma Nirvana’ (2007)

Curt Smith – ‘Seven of Sundays’ from ‘Halfway Pleased’ (2008)
(YouTube) Seven of Sundays

Jennifer Paige – ‘Wasted’ 1st single from the album ‘Best Kept Secret’ (2008)

Make Your Own Boyband – ‘Alone’ and ‘The Only One’ (2008)

Various songs with Chinese superstar Jane zhang

‘Mona Lisa’ – Round Ireland with a fridge original soundtrack (2010)

‘It’s understood’ – Round Ireland with a fridge original soundtrack (2010)

Chesney Hawkes & Keely Hawkes – Aeroplane Official Video


Chesney Hawkes and Peter Shilton – The Realistic Anthem (2016)